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9 pros and cons about deadstock fabrics - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 24. August 2021
If you're a bit into sustainable fashion, you might have heard the term deadstock. But what is this, and is it really sustainable? A bit yes, but also no. I'll explain the details and tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages I this post. I have used deadstock, and I still have some in my stash. But I won't buy any more, and I'll tell you why.

How to sew a pencil wrap - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 02. August 2021
I always loved coloured pencils, so making this to carry one of my favourite art tools everywhere is a bit like a childhood dream. I got back to them just a little while ago when I started with a colouring book and used them for my own art. A wrap like this can be used for many different kinds of pens and pencils, as well as for brushes and other art supplies.

How to sew Zero-Waste undies - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 23. June 2021
I mentioned Zero-Waste fashion three weeks ago in this blog post on two eco-designers. Through Yhonia's Instagram, I found those red zero-waste panties by @duckgoesoink - just when I needed more undies. I like my own pattern, but it requires much more fabric than you'd think and leaves a lot of oddly shaped scraps - such a waste. So, I gave it a try and have some tips and ideas for you.

5 ways to sew on patches - Punk jacket, vest and hoodie - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog
2021 · 19. April 2021
How do I sew on the patch now? - Have you ever wondered after you bought a patch from the cool band at the gig (or online)? This blog post is mainly about simple screen-printed patches made of fabric because embroidered patches, which often have an iron-on coating, are a bit different. Regardless of whether you have a sewing machine at your disposal or not, here you will definitely find an option that suits your taste and which, in my experience, will hold. [Translation and update of an older...

Mary, the Swirl Leggings (pattern testing) - Slightly Sinister Patterns - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog
2021 · 08. March 2021
Today, I'm presenting you the first pattern from Slightly Sinister Patterns (apart from the free Culotte Rowena) that I tested a short while ago: Mary (unpaid advertisement). Had a great plan for the swirl but not enough time, so I initially tested a basic black version that's not worth showing. There are two more patterns out by now. I hope to sew the Billie hoodie soon, and there is the brand new Alexis skirt.

What and how I've been doing - Part 1 Lockdown - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2020 · 17. August 2020
As for many of you, my way of living changed drastically with the lockdown at the end of March here in the UK. My job is mainly lab-based, so only being able to do computer work at home was a significant change. But it also took off a lot of pressure, and the importance of things shifted. The need for constant output, including this blog, somehow vanished, and I had finally the time to think.

Small things collected - gifts and drawings - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2020 · 23. February 2020
Sometimes I make things that I think are too "small" for their own blog post but still worth showing, so I take pictures anyway. It's the little sewing, crafting or drawing projects that also don't have a big story to tell with them, still there are interesting bits about their creation. A few things from last year that I haven't presented yet, are the patchwork pouch, black and white ink drawings and water colour Christmas cards.

Woran ich momentan arbeite - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2019 · 30. September 2019
Ich hab mich gefragt was ich euch so diese Woche präsentieren könnte und mir ist aufgefallen, daß ich so einige Projekte angefangen, aber nichts fertig bekommen habe. Aber das ist auch ok. Bei mir läuft vieles parallel, und ich hab manchmal auf dies Lust und manchmal auf das. Und dann hat meine kreativer Kopf ne neue Idee, die ich unbedingt sofort umsetzen muß... oder zumindest ausprobieren. Haute mal ein buntes Sammelsurium:

Bloggeburtstag - 5 Jahre Spidercave! - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2019 · 08. September 2019
Wow, schon 5 Jahre! Und über drei davon schreiben ich nun schon aus England und es ist auch sonst viel passiert. 230 Beiträge sind in dieser Zeit zusammen gekommen, viel Genähtes und andere DIYs aber auch mal was politisches oder Urlaubsfotos. Ich habe mal nachgesehen welche die beliebtesten in den einzelnen Jahren waren und hab sie für euch zusammengestellt.

Gefärbter Sweat-Cardigan für den Herbst - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2019 · 19. August 2019
Wie bei meiner neuen Leggings schon erwähnt, begeistere ich mich gerade für eine neue Färbemethode. Ein Cardigan aus Sweat-Stoff steht schon länger auf meiner To-Sew-Liste. Besonders für die Arbeit ist das praktisch, der ist nämlich gut unterm Laborkittel zu tragen und rutscht nicht hoch wie normalen Kapujacken mit Bündchen. Aber auch so für den Herbst ist das ne tolle Alternative zu den besagten Pullis und meiner Strickjacke aus Polyester-Strickstoff.

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