Medusa Dress - MetalMotte design sewing - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 22. August 2022
I've done a few pattern testings by now, but this is my first design sewing. Sara from MetalMotte has new unique designs in her fabric shop (shipping across the EU) a few times a month and asked me to be part of her sewing crew - how could I say no? I got a Medusa panel for free - 150 x 150 cm of cotton stretch jersey that is a breeze to work with. Now, I'm thrilled to have made something for myself again.

2022 Alternative Markets Announcement - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 09. February 2022
It seems everything is a bit more back to "normal", and I have quite a few alternative markets coming up this year - both online and live in person. This post includes all dates I know of so far. I'm sewing something new to premiere for each one, and only what's not sold will make it into the Etsy shop. So, get your calendar and put these in; they're going to be fab!

An altered and repaired outfit for every day - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 04. February 2022
This week, I'm showing you an outfit that has more behind it than being a basic jeans and band shirt combination. I've owned the striped and flared pants for many years, but it was time to make some changes (and repairs). The long-sleeved shirt is new but needed some alterations as well. Sometimes it's in the small details to make things work. Can you guess what I did?

How to make a Back Patch Wall Hanging - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 25. January 2022
Here's an idea for back patches that you might not want to sew to your jacket but rather display on your wall. This tutorial is easy and suitable for sewing beginners, but a sewing machine would be best. I have two different versions with Lots of photos, depending on the patch material and an optional tassel. Use a patch from your favourite band or any other cool print!

The 2022 Winter Mini Collection and a preview - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 20. January 2022
This week, I have a few new creations for you - yes, something I haven't offered like this before. I call it my mini winter collection because it is a handmade sweater and three beanie hats. I'm still working on reducing my stash and using what I have to create one-off pieces. This time, I dug through my sweatshirt and french terry knits to keep you warm in style.

My new Rosehip Dress for the winter - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 10. January 2022
I made myself a new dress! I've wanted to sew a hoodie dress for winter for a while now, but I hadn't found the right inspiration. Now, this one doesn't have a hood, but it's my new favourite nonetheless. The fabric is so soft, the cut is flattering, and the grey matches almost everything. I don't have many works in progress pictures this time - it's just too dark most of the day.

The original bullet shirts are back and more! - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 03. January 2022
These three rows of bullets were my second ever screen printing design back in 2012, and I'm still using the same screen for the bullet back patches. They were designed with a photograph of a bullet belt that wasn't even my own - I didn't have one then; they were so expensive (well, still are). Now, I used it to create this new but original bullet print collection.

The Black Denim Collection - now online! - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 29. November 2021
You probably know, I love to alter second-hand clothing for a unique punk look - upcycling from basic into favourite pieces - so why not do some for the shop as well? I love black denim skirts, and whenever I see one in a charity shop, I take it home. I ended up with a few too much and in need of some more products for the last market. I hope you like how these turned out a much as I do!

New bags - duffle handbags and zipper pouches - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 08. November 2021
I'm currently filling the shop with all the new products I made for the markets. This is part one, introducing handpainted zipper pouches with new designs and an old style of handbags that I haven't made for a long time. Even the cut fabric was laying around for ages - no idea why - they turned out gorgeous. In the end, I also added a new homeware item. All of these make great unique gifts! ;)

Autumn and Ruins photo post - Kilburn White Horse view - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 30. October 2021
A few weeks ago, I went on a day trip to see the Kilburn White Horse, Byland Abby, Rievaulx Abbey and an old bridge nearby. I have seen and blogged about the abby ruins before, so I'm focusing on misty landscapes, plants growing on ancient stones and autumnal colours today. There's no text in between this time, so sit back and enjoy!

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